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The Penny Hill Story


Once upon a time in Vero Beach, Florida, Wally and Shelvie Bizwell owned and operated a small ice cream shop. The dream grew as well as the shop to include subs and salads.


A lady they hired to assist them had worked previously in a little shop overlooking Delaware Bay. She told the story that people would pay a penny to ride the ferry across the bay to the shops and the area became known as Penny Hill. The story appealed to Wally, and although his menu differed from the original shop, he used the name and Penny Hill Subs was born.


Several shops later from Florida to Oklahoma, the location on First Street in Union City, Tennessee opened in 1996. Wally and Shelvie kept it small and operated it at their own pace until selling it to frequent customers Bill and Jan Coffey in 1999.


For the next 16 Years the Coffeys pursed their dreams, in the foot steps that Walley had started. The Coffeys then added a special touch with long hours and hard work to developed a wonderful new era for Penny Hill. After three successful years at the first Union City location, a new building was built. Upon moving into the new site the Coffeys combined their tradition of quality food, service, and love of people with a 50's style and feel, the dream became a reality.


In 2015, The Penny Hill Shoppe was sold to the next set of dreamers, Hope and Curtis Dortch. 

Hope and Curtis Dortch

Hope as an employee, cook and manager for 8 years, plans to carry on the high standards of great food and services as her predecessors. 


We would like to thank all our customers, old and new, who have allowed all of us to get to know you and your family. A special thanks goes out to the Bizwells and Coffeys. Let the great tradition move forward. Come by and enjoy the Penny Hill Shoppe experience! 


From Delaware Bay to Union City, Tennessee and everywhere in between, 

Penny Hill continues to be a story that ends Happily Ever After.





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